Luxpresso, one of the top magazine in India featured Forever Flawless in their online edition. What they said:

" Claiming to give you a non-surgical facelift, a face cream infused with diamonds is the latest beauty secret being propelled by brands. Foregoing the hefty price tags and nominal quantity of the actual cream, here’s a list of anti-ageing products that are flying off the shelves by the second 

P.S. Unfortunately, these miracle creams don’t retail in India, so we’ve listed alternative online shopping avenues"

"This anti-ageing cream uses rare diamond particles right from outer space. With claims of the black diamond propelling cell regeneration, being combined with a brightening formula that makes the skin appear luminous."

"Part of the brand’s Pink Diamond collection, this cream is infused with fine diamond powder nurtured by Vitamin E and soothing botanicals that are designed to improve skin elasticity, while making it firmer at the same time."

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